Open Borders, DEI, and the Bumpy Ride Ahead

Subhash Kak
6 min readDec 21, 2023
Migrant caravan in Mexico on way to US border

A lot of people can’t understand why America has virtually opened its borders, when according to the 2023 Annual Homeless Assessment Report, more than 650,000 people are homeless, a 12% increase from 2022. Nearly four million migrants have crossed over since Joe Biden took office.

The borders have been opened when there is increasing inequality and huge economic headwinds for the middle class. Over one hundred thousand people are dying of drug overdose. Crime in the cities is rampant and leaders seem to have given up on doing anything about the homelessness issue.

Drug overdose deaths in US

The US education system cannot inspire students to get into STEM subjects, so it increasingly depends on Indians and Chinese for science, computer, and finance sectors, which eventually takes them to lucrative tech jobs. This is somewhat like the devshirme system of the Ottoman Empire in a new guise: if in medieval Turkey the elite future soldiers of the state were abducted, the elite tech workers for the US come here willingly. Given that the supply of workers is assured, there is no attempt to reform the education sector.

Shrinking populations

Fertility, which is the expected number of children born to a woman, is falling rapidly across the world. The fertility rate should be about 2.1 for the population to remain constant, but in South Korea it is close to 0.7; in Japan, 1.1; in China, 1.2; in most of Eastern Europe, 1.3; and in India, about 2.0. At this time, it is significantly above 2.1 only in the Middle East and Africa.

Populations have begun to fall in many parts of the world. The more prosperous countries are allowing people to migrate in to replace their dying populations in a process called replacement migration by the United Nations.

Before a kind of balance is reached, people from higher fertility areas will relocate to countries where populations are decreasing.

Since most immigrants streaming into Europe are from vastly different cultures, assimilation appears to be an unsurmountable challenge. As ethnic tensions rise, it is possible that many democracies will be replaced by authoritarian governments.

The number of jobs for humans will decrease because of robots and AI technologies. Perhaps, useful jobs will be able to support a billion people, and not the current 7 or 8 billion. It is hard to see how the decrease of the world population can be managed in a manner that prevents wars.

In richer countries, large segments of the population are already living on dole or versions of UBI (universal basic income). They are mired in hopelessness, with their senses dulled by mind-altering drugs and distractions on social media.

If nothing changes, Western nations with closed borders will slide into second tier economies. China and India will both overtake the US in GDP as in the graph from Goldman Sachs shown below. In PPP dollars, China’s GDP already exceeds the US and India’s will overtake it in the next dozen years.

GDP projections

The arch of history is clear. The center of world economy will be back in Asia as it has been for most of human history. With hindsight one may assert that Western ascendancy has been a blip.

Vision of One World

If the world system continues as it is, the power will shift permanently out of the hands of the Western elite. It is to prevent this future, that they want internationalized control and free borders in which they can use their managerial skills and networks to maintain hegemony indefinitely. They seek a world in which the nominal leaders of countries are figureheads (as in the currently organized EU) and the policies are dictated to the bureaucrats behind doors.

Climatism and fears about future epidemics are used to push governments into treaties that erodes their powers. Since they seek EU-fication of the world in which the rules are determined by them, they are opposed to leaders who are against open borders and for nationalism. This explains their visceral dislike for the likes of Putin, Modi, Orbán, and Trump.

As jobs disappear due to AI, social problems will only exacerbate. To deal with that challenge, they have co-opted ideas of Neo-Marxism, in which social conflict is expanded beyond economic classes to race, gender, and historical divisions.

Whereas in the past, America appealed to idealism by presenting itself as a beacon of hope where only merit mattered, the DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) vision of the elites divides up people based on perceived historical injustice and narratives of victimhood.

This is Brave New World come alive. This world will be run by Alphas and Betas who can be from any background based on merit, whereas the lives of Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons, who serve the top two classes, will be controlled by DEI logic.

More on DEI

A couple of decades ago, the left leaders in the US believed they had come up with a formula for permanent political majority with the support of feminists, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, recent immigrants, and minorities foccused on sexual preference. To get most women to sign on, white males were declared to be the historic oppressors and this idea began to be pushed in school and college curricula and the media. The next step was to market the DEI ideology to the boards of companies and that turned out to be easier than anyone could have imagined due to the rise of multi-trillion-dollar asset management companies with pension and similar funds, which are hugely influential since they invest in other companies. Only these few industry leaders needed to converted to the idea.

In a political climate controlled by the left, the leaders of the asset management companies thought it fit to get on board. The vehicle that was used to get other companies in line was what the globalists call environmental, social, and governance (ESG). The environmental criteria of the ESG consider corporate policies such as climate change, social criteria examine relationships with employee and the communities affected, and governance deal with a company’s leadership, and internal controls. The social and the governance parts were perfect to push the diversity ideology.

The takeover of the universities by the DEI regime has been near-complete. Colleges require job applicants to sign oaths pledging loyalty to the idea and professors must incorporate diversity themes into their courses and lectures. Applicants to college leadership positions must pledge to enlarge the diversity regime if they wish to have their applications considered.

“Hate-speech” codes that have been adopted at many schools to silence critics of these ideas. New students are required to attend orientation on diversity principles.

In many ways these steps are similar to what the Soviets did, or following them what post-colonial India did to spread its adoption of socialist ideology. Those who favored civilizational India were demonized in books and the media, and shut out of teaching and other influential positions.

Passwords to the boardroom

After obtaining hegemony over education and culture, the Neo-Marxists have achieved managerial hegemony over industry. The catchwords of the schoolbook became the passwords to the boardroom.

Although the Neo-Marxists are now the Western ruling class, there is contradictory tension within their beliefs that gets projected in endless mazes of doublethink.

You shouldn’t have children to save the planet, but to save your country’s economy, you will bring in immigrants to have children. “Black Lives Matter” is progressive, but “White Lives Matter” is racist. “Immigration laws should be blind to religion” is good, but “universal civil code” is bad. People should be allowed to choose the gender they feel, but they are not allowed to choose their race.

Hold on to your seats, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

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