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Yoga is everywhere in free nations, whether you are in small town or big city, in the Old World or the New World. It is taught and practiced in schools and homes and over the Internet.

Yoga studios are congregational places where the bonds of friendships are secured, quite as…

Structures in the universe (Pixabay)

Here’s the layman’s explanation of my theory that physical space is e-dimensional (e = 2.71828…) (for links to the papers, see [1][2]).

It is easy to see that it is a surprising new idea that could lead to new physics, but how can physical dimensions be anything but 3? …


Although China proclaims its desire to have good relations with its neighbors, it is aggressively pursuing unilateral action on the disputes regarding the border with India in the Himalayas, and control of the Paracel and the Spratly islands in the South China Sea. …

Sand dunes in Taklamakan Desert near Khotan

How do people forget their past? By deliberate suppression going beyond destruction of religious or artistic images; genocide of people and their expulsion, as in the case of the Yazidis in Iraq and Turkey and the Pandits in Kashmir; or it could be people switching to a new language of…


Indians are successful the world over, literally in all fields. So people ask, why is it that they have not done equally well within their own country?

The critics recognize that India is making progress and the GDP in nominal terms has reached number five in the world, but they…

A Varanasi Temple Image/ Pixabay

Congratulations to the Class of 2020. This is the time to cast a quick look at what has happened and where we are going.

First, it is clear that we live in a time of unprecedented change.

I am not even talking of the coronavirus and the lockdowns, disruptive though…

Subhash Kak

सुभाष काक. Author, scientist.

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